The Sound of Emotion

Officially Selected Project for the San Francisco Market Street Prototype Festival - 2015.
Currently on Display at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, In San Francisco.

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Project Overview

Can you imagine complete strangers walking up to a street installation and collaborating on music using only their emotions? That was the repeated theme for three successive days at the San Francisco "Market Street Prototyping Festival," sponsored by the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, the San Francisco Planning Department, and the James L. Knight Foundation. Garnering rave reviews, the Sound of Emotion project delighted and amazed participants at its initial unveiling.

"This is amazing!"

"I'm truly blown away"

"Favorite prototype on the street.."

This unique installation combines cutting edge technology, leading science, eclectic music and artful execution. View participant reactions on the Gallery page.

The installation incorporates four iPads. Each iPad represents a single musical instrument and is installed with expression recognition software, courtesy of Emotient, Inc. Participants step up to the installation, see a mirror image of their own face and their musical instrument begins to play. Each iPad screen display provides feedback on their happy or sad emotions, while changing the musical phrase or pitch for their instrument. Participants may build on the overall composition, by inviting friends or onlookers to participate, with the goal of playing all four instruments at once.

Listen to the combined voices of The Sound of Emotion: